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Using Volunteer Work to Fill Resume Gaps & Re-enter the Workforce

Volunteer experience can be invaluable for your resume especially if you are re-entering the workforce or changing careers. In this post, we’ll explain the benefit of volunteer experience for re-entry resume writing strategy, share 22 strong transferable skills keywords that will make your resume really stand out from the crowd, and show you how to…

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How to Fill Resume Gaps After Caring for Family

You’ve taken a few years off to care for an elderly parent. There is nothing more noble than this. However it might not feel so noble when you think about how to explain this to a future employer. In fact it may start to feel like you’ve made a huge mistake as you stare at…

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10 Expert Resume Tips for Avoiding Ageism

Creating a resume that avoids ageism is truly a challenge. How can you convey  your depth of experience without listing your full work history? Should you omit your graduation date? While age discrimination may add a layer of complexity to the resume writing process, it isn’t impossible to master. In this blog post we will…

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Executive Resume Writing Trends to Support Online Job Applications

The executive job market is competitive. This means your resume has to be equally competitive if it’s gong to stand out from the crowd. In this blog post I share how the executive application process has changed and how you can adapt with some simple resume trends.  As an accomplished executive, you’ve spent the last…

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