Executive Recruiter Networking Strategy Pack


Connecting and networking with recruiters is a critical part of maintaining your short and long-term career strategy. However, many job seekers fail to tap into this hidden gem of a network. Recruiters are key contacts because they often know about job openings before they hit the job boards. It’s their job to find the best person for the job and so they have to constantly be in the know. Part of being in the know is being extremely well connected. Use Noelle’s recruiter lists, templates, and strategy – and effortlessly find and contact all executive recruiters in your industry. You will receive:

Masterclass Video Tutorial – Accessing the Hidden Job Market through Recruiter Strategy
Recruiter Outreach Email Templates
Recruiter Networking Guide
Recruiter Directory: Top 17 Executive Recruiting Firms
Recruiter Directory: 107 US-Based Executive Recruiting Firms
Recruiter Directory: 269 Global Executive Recruiting Firms



In this module you’ll receive everything you need to know about working with executive recruiters including:

  • The best ways to connect with executive recruiters
  • The best types of recruiters for your industry, level, and overall job search
  • How to optimize your recruiter network to learn about the hidden job market
  • Templates for executive recruiter email and LinkedIn outreach
  • Tons of executive recruiter lists – U.S. Based Firms and Global Firms