Real 50+ job seekers who went from resume transformation to new job...

“After all your help, I was very successful in my job application process and interviews. I received job offers for all 4 of the jobs I applied for and was in the process of a 5th offer when I made my final decision on a job…"



Physician | Career Relauncher

“I used my new resume to apply for the staff accountant job that I had mentioned to you, this week. They called me in for the interview the day after they received my resume!"



Accountant | Career Pivoter

“Your resume services are totally worth it. The resume rewrite was a life saver! After having the resume redone, I got an interview at a job I really wanted, and after the second round of interviews, I got the offer within 8 days!”



Senior Healthcare Consultant | Career Changer



“This is the best investment I have made in a long time. My accomplishments were presented in a clear and compelling way. The work was completed quickly and was so much better than I could have accomplished on my own even though I am a highly educated person.”


HR Executive

“I am impressed with your team’s passion and dedication in professional branding. With my brand makeover, I feel more confident engaging on LinkedIn and boosting my connections.”


Finance Executive

"It’s been great working with you. Your service is amazing and offers exceptional value for highly professional services. A truly transformative experience”



"Wow, I can't believe how much better my resume is. Do people tell you all the time that you're a genius? Seriously, I can't believe how capable I seem from that resume! THANK YOU!"


Administrator, Higher Ed

"I accepted a Dean position. Many thanks for all the help, especially the encouragement and positive attitude. You are  VERY good at your job."


Director of Advancement

"I accepted a Director of Advancement position with a healthcare organization! Initially, I wanted to change industries and my area of expertise. I wanted an operations position in healthcare administration; however, I realized that I might need a transition position to position myself better. During my job search, I was very successful getting information interviews and discovered a field within the nonprofit industry that would allow for that transition - community health. Thanks for your help along my journey."


Investment Officer

"I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine that will require a new resume. I have told them all about your services, and to work with you for her resume, cover letter and Linkedin. I told them how you have helped me and the extraordinary job that you have done with me, I have been getting noticed."


DE&I Executive

"I received my rebrand strategy from the best in industry. It has been a unique and true pleasure collaborating with you!"


Account Manager

"I wanted to update you that YES – I did get this job!!"


Sales Executive

"Thank you! I can't tell you how helpful this has been."


PMO Director

"I started on March 2, so I am already well into week 3! My job responsibilities are greater and farther-reaching than I anticipated. That’s also great news! Instead of a total of five people reporting to me, I will soon have ten to manage."


Corporate Communications

"Many thanks for translating my experience into actual and meaningful words, I wouldn't have done it without your great help. Thanks again!"


Brand Manager

"A much belated thank you for transforming my resume and cover letter, and I am working with it in this time to pursue opportunities. What a difference you have made, and the context you have shared, I have been so happy to work with you! You have such passion and focus for the client and your expertise, and I am very appreciative."



"Once I started using my new resume, my prospects completely changed for the better. I had no idea how much I was missing out on by using a stock resume and relying on my experience alone. It was incredible to see the transformation on paper. I went from blending in with the crowd, to really setting myself apart and it showed! I was able to land an incredible job with a blue chip company...even at the age of 68! Thank you so much!"