25 Best Executive Recruiting Firms for the Executive Job Search

Executive recruiters specialize in filling positions with salaries of $100,000 or more. These highly specialized recruiters are gatekeepers to the most coveted executive jobs in your industry. If you’re an executive and not working with executive recruiters during your job search, you will be missing out. Forbes released a list of the 200 best executive…

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How to Write an Executive LinkedIn Headline

A branded LinkedIn headline is one of the most important branding tools for executives hoping to stand out. Considering executive recruiters are constantly on the hunt, you’ll need a headline that immediately conveys your executive value. If your LinkedIn headline isn’t capturing recruiter attention at first glance, you are most definitely missing out on valuable…

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10 Strategies to Reboot Your 50-Plus Job Search

So you’ve been struggling in your job search and you’re starting to lose hope. For many 50-plus job searchers, there’s uncertainty about where to start. For others, there is a lack of confidence around branding. And for others, there’s a lack of experience navigating the online job search terrain. All of this can drag out…

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10 Expert Resume Tips for Avoiding Ageism

Creating a resume that avoids ageism is truly a challenge. How can you convey  your depth of experience without listing your full work history? Should you omit your graduation date? While age discrimination may add a layer of complexity to the resume writing process, it isn’t impossible to master. In this blog post we will…

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How to Eliminate Age Discrimination From Your Job Search

Ageism is a very real challenge faced by 50-plus job searchers everywhere. While age discrimination may add a layer of complexity to the job search, it is not impossible to overcome. In this blog post we will share the realities around ageism, tips for avoiding age discrimination in the hiring process, and a variety of…

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How to Overcome Your Networking Anxiety and Increase Your Career Contacts

You may be an accomplished executive but you’re terrified of networking. This fear is completely normal (and shared by most accomplished professionals I meet). So you’re not alone! However networking strategy is where need to focus if you’re hoping to make a career move sooner rather than later. Put your resume on the back-burner and try rethinking your networking…

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Executive Resume Writing Trends to Support Online Job Applications

The executive job market is competitive. This means your resume has to be equally competitive if it’s gong to stand out from the crowd. In this blog post I share how the executive application process has changed and how you can adapt with some simple resume trends.  As an accomplished executive, you’ve spent the last…

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